Venus Factor Vs Fat Loss Factor

Venus Factor or Fat Loss Factor – Which is the Ideal Program for You?

Let me tell you the difference first and foremost. Both the programs are created by two different people for different cause. The difference is exactly like Sun and Moon. While VenusFactor (VF) puts too much emphasis on getting perfect feminine shape, the FatLossFactor (FLF) is all about burning excess fat.

For better understanding see the comparison chart below. I have highlighted both program’s main features, benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you to decide!

[one-half last=no]Venus Factor

  • Program created by John Barbara and Brad Pilon specifically for women
  • Primary focus is getting perfect hourglass feminine look
  • 12 week workouts centric program in 3 phases
  • Not suitable for morbid obese woman
  • Initial phase is easy to follow, but gets tougher on 2nd and 3rd phase
  • Community support and motivation: 9/10
  • Cost : $47
  • Comes with 60 days 100% money back guarantee
This is what possible with VF

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[one-half last=yes]Fat Loss Factor

  • Program created by Dr Charles Levington for both men and women
  • Primary focus is to burn fat and keep it off
  • It is a nutrition centric program
  • 1st week is tough due to body detox diet, but easy to follow later on!
  • Suitable for all type of body condition even if you have serious obesity related health issues
  • Newbie friendly, ideal program if you are starting a weight loss program.
  • Community support and motivation: 8/10
  • Cost: $47
  • Comes with 60 days 100% money back guarantee.
This is what possible with FLF
This is what possible with FLF
It is a rare result but can’t say unrealistic

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Now, I hope that you have already read my detailed review of Venus Factor Here. Assuming that, let me give you some more information about Fat Loss Factor.

Detailed Review of Fat Loss Factor

flfThe first item is the Fat Loss Factor book.  A detailed book covering the whole program.This is the backbone of the program and a great reference for understanding the program and what to expect. How you will get the body you want and still enjoy your favorite foods.

Next come the Liver and Body Cleansing Videos. Watch the doc in his kitchen preparing the cleanse that will start you off with losing 1-2″ in under a week. These videos will get you going on the initial cleanse that you will implement in the first two weeks.

You will also get access to the custom software program FooJoo, which lets you search over 70 fast food restaurants and get information on what you can eat, and what to avoid. We all have times when these restaurants come in handy, and there are things you can eat and enjoy, but you have to know which foods to eat. The software program makes this fun and easy.

When you are not on the go, you get the pre-created grocery list that you can take to the market to get the best foods for your transformation. The list makes it easy to get the right foods without wondering whats for supper.

Next we come to the exercise program. You will get complete beginner, intermediate and advanced exercise routines for the program. These are unique high intensity exercises that will help you burn off the calories without working out for hours.

You will also get 5 sample workouts that only require about 15 minutes a day. Personally, I have had great success with FLF. Read my experience here.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

If you are a beginner start with FLF >>Click here to get instant access


Join VF if you want that hourglass figure >> Click here to get instant access

5 thoughts on “Venus Factor Vs Fat Loss Factor

  1. hey, thanks for this comparison. I’m 26 and not obese (but slightly overweight) so I’ll go with Venus 🙂

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