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16 Jan

I just wanted to show you ladies what you get by becoming a member of VenusFactor Program. You get free access to Venus Community where you can interact with 1000's women across the world. There are all type of women with all types of bodies.

At the time of righting this post there are 89,000 members inside the community & growing by 100's daily. I think that's really impressive numbers.

89,200 members have already joined VenusFactor!

89,240 members have already joined VenusFactor!

Front page view of community forum.

17,438 introduction threads. I suggest you to introduce yourself first to kick-start your transformation journey!

Screenshot of Community forum. Just notice that all the questions & comments are answered by support staff & other members

The forum is very active & vibrant

Program creator John Barban is active on the forum too. He is personally responding to important questions

John Barban is very active on the forum. Don't forget to say hi to him. He is a cool guy!

This active community is what I really liked about Venus Factor. There is endless inspiration & motivation for all. So don't be shy, just say hi to everyone!

Happy transformation!

Here is the order link

Here is the trial link

5 Replies to “The Venus Index Community

  1. hola buen dia estoy muy interesada en saber que es vf. y como se compra soy de venezuela. quiero comenzar ha hacerlos he vivido casi toda mi cida con problemas de gordura. ya tengo 45 aƱos. pero quiero arreglarme un poco.

  2. Im 39 years old an have 3 children. Im 5’2 an weigh 121 but I have a pooch belly. I really want to get rid of my pooch an look good in a bikini. Is this right for me? I have researced this for a week now an very impressed. I just want to have a nice body an get rid of this mom belly.

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