5 Organic Foods to Consider While Buying

When you eat organic foods, you reduce the level of toxins into your body. It may not be possible to ensure that everything you eat is organic. However, when shopping for grocery, you can consider the following foods.


Peaches are one of the fruits containing the highest amount of pesticides. If you can’t find organic peaches, going for a fruit with a thicker skin is a better choice. Stick to organic apples or thicker-skinned fruits. Any fruit with a thin skin is expected to contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals. You may organic grape, blueberries or raspberries.

Leafy Greens

Lettuce, collard greens, arugula, spinach etc are often contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. Celery has no skin. It holds the pesticides easily. Organic is a must if you are a celery eater.


Potatoes can absorb fungicides from the soil. Hence choose the organic version to save yourself from consuming poisonous chemicals.


Organic milk will ensure that the milk you are consuming will give you the healthy benefits of milk like strong bones and teeth.

Peanut Butter

Standard peanut butter is loaded with fats, refined sugars and pesticides. Hence go for organic peanut butter that is loaded with peanuts.

Have you heard of Aquaponics gardening?

Aquaponics is a type of organic gardening to produce aquatic food. It is a system of food production that provides conventional aquaculture. This helps in growing aquatic animals like fish, snails, crayfish etc. in tanks with plants in water in a symbiotic environment. [source]

Now you know what to eat. Watch the video below to learn what NOT to eat ever!

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