Adonis Golden Ratio Review – For Men

23 Oct

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Being a woman myself, I don't know how to provide factual review of a fitness and muscle building program designed only for men.

I got many queries from male visitors (I don't know why so many men visit this women only blog!) asking  whether VenusFactor can be applied for men. The answer is BIG no.

There is a dedicated program for men called “Adonis Golden Ratio” by the same author (John Barban) This program is not new to the market. Infact, it's one of the best selling online fitness program for almost 5 years!

[box color=”green” icon=”lightbulb”]If you haven't heard of Adonis program I suggest you to watch this presentation video.[/box]

6 pack or not?

In my honest opinion, “getting six pack abs” is a punishment…No, no, no… it's more like  a lifelong torture. Weight lifting for hours daily, injecting steroids, taking deadly growth hormones & supplements, meaningless starvation, spending money on useless ab trimmers and toners, getting injury & taking pain killers… ohhh stop all these nonsense…I would never let my man do  all these lifeless stuffs…seriously!

Of course, there is a initial attraction factor which is unique to you. But it is certainly not how you look without wearing a shirt. It could be your eyes, your hair, the way you smile, body language etc.

[box color=”green” icon=”information”]Listen to me carefully, women look at man's eyes first, then face, shoulder, chest and lastly at your abs (there maybe few exceptions though; but I'm speaking on behalf of 90% ordinary women)[/box]

Adonis Diet: You decide and you control

Let's accept this fact. Sex isn't enjoyable every night, but food is! This is probably more important to a woman than to a man. John Barban is certainly one of the foremost nutrition expert in the world, and you can't go wrong following his advice. His diet approach is simple and flexible. He doesn't encourage abnormal food restriction or starvation. You are likely to fail on your diet if you follow senseless restrictive diet. John gives you food freedom with lots of flexibility. (for ex: he doesn't say that you skip social events or dinner with clients, business partners etc.; he doesn't advice carrying Tupperware lunch box with chicken breast everyday)

You are given very practical weekly target which you can adjust according to your schedule, lifestyle and liking.

Few important facts about Reverse Taper Diet (RTD)

Once you become a Adonis member, probably for the first time you hear something called “Reverser Taper Diet” (Well, I never heard of it before!)

What is this and why it is important?

If you are extremely obese, you can drop 10 pounds to 20 pounds in just a week using Reverse taper diet approach. John and Brad Pilon (another co-author) proves it with scientific study and evidence.

So what is RTD?

When you start a weight loss program your body has lots of extra energy reservoir in the form of fat. If you cause huge calorie deficit, your body fills the “deficit” from fat tissues. So in the initial stages of a weight loss program, you can eat very less and burn tons of fat (don't worry about muscle loss or metabolism crash!) As you progress with your weight loss, you'll need to increase your calorie consumption because fat reservoir is getting drained slowly. This is exact opposite of 95% diet programs out there.

All other diets recommends that you  reduce your calorie intake once you drop your weight. You can't continue eating less and less forever! This is exactly the reason why majority of other diets fail after a month and sometimes people give-up just after few days or week.

[box color=”red” icon=”information”]

Warning Warning!

This RTD approach won't work well for women due to several reasons I don't want to explain here.  Now you probably understood why John Barban created “Venus Factor” specifically for women!


Adonis Workouts: Burn fat & Build targeted muscle or build muscle only


John demonstrates all the workouts in detailed videos. However, these workouts are created by Kyle Leon (if I'm correct) who is an expert in this filed. He certainly knows muscle building where it matters the most. Well, stronger arms, curvy biceps, wide chest, ripped back and powerful quads gives men psychological (& physiological) boost and HeMan look. And of course, women do enjoy such look to certain extent (but not a muscular body where the biceps look like a tumor!) The strong shoulder and wide chest give women a sense of comfort and security.

[box color=”green” icon=”emotion_smile”]Side Note: A handsome man (I can't define the term handsome here because it is variable to each person) with full professional dress can still win a woman's heart and make her undies wet! You don't have to be naked and show 6 pack to sexually attract a woman.[/box]

What are the workouts?

They are based on circuit-training principal. You need to perform 3 exercise of 3 sets in a circuit with 1 minute rest between sets and 3 minute rest between each circuit. Maximum 4 days in a week and absolutely no cardio. This is only applicable for first “fat burning” category. For muscle build only and fat burn + muscle build category, you will perform straight exercises which only targets particular muscle group or groups.

Week1, Day 1 sample workout if your primary goal is fat loss

Week1, Day 1 sample workout if your primary goal is fat loss

These exercise looks like horrible and you feel you can't do it?

Relax, 21 reps of push-ups on Week 1 & day 1 is probably impossible for many people. Now don't get discouraged by this recommendation. Try as much as you can within your limit. The idea here is to reach this target before you finish your first phase. Similarly, you may exhaust all your energy and feel  terribly sick just by finishing couple of circuit alone. However, be advised that things will improve and you'll fee lot more comfortable as you progress.

How to use the AGR program?

agr-goalsetterOnce you become a member you'll be given instant access to online software and tools. The first thing you need to do is decide your goal (target) Just enter your height, weight and waist size into the software and it will tell you exactly what you need to do in the first phase. Based on your body composition the software will recommend you any of these;

  • Fat loss
  • Fat loss and build muscle
  • Build muscle only

Then download the main Adonis manual, workout guide, nutrition and supplement guide.

Step 2: Check your Adonis Golden Ratio


This Golden Ratio and nutrition software is the tool you need to use weekly.

Here you'll need to input few more information about your body, and the software will tell your exact Golden Ratio, target weight, waist and shoulder circumference you should aim getting. You'll be also given daily and weekly nutrition advice.

I like the weekly recommendation because it is lot more practical and adjustable depending on your lifestyle, work and schedule.

Is ADonisGoldenRatio  6 pack program?


Venus & Adonis. Img src:

Certainly not. Look at mystical Adonis' picture. He doesn't have 6 pack either. AGR doesn't promise 6 pack. It's a 12 week course to get perfect male body. You can still get six pack abs with it, but I don't think it's possible within 12 weeks. You will look far better even with 20% body fat and 35% muscle mass.

Additional Freebies and goodies worth mentioning…

You get Iphone (IOS) and Android application to access entire Adonis program, tools, community and support which is really useful. It also has progress tracker tool which you can update daily.

The Adonis Community is full of 1000's active members across the globe. You can interact with people who have transformed their body into Golden Index (extremely obese and dangerously skinny guys). So there is endless inspiration and  motivation awaiting for you. Most of these members really share helpful advices and tips with new members. Then, there are 5-6 nutrition and fitness expert who will answer your queries. John Barban himself made more than 1000 posts!

Why look, feel and live better life?

8Both men and women want to look better… there is no doubt  about  that. The “I'm looking good” feeling gives huge psychological boost. A good looking guy (or gal) gets lots of social attention, admiration and attraction by the opposite sex. Even if you are one of those “not very social” type of person (like me) we still want attention, appreciation and admiration from the society.

Is Adonis the only best or ultimate program?

No…not really. You can lose weight and sculpt your body using any other popular program. However, AGR is lot more practical, viable and hence can easily adjustable to  people of all fitness level. And you will learn to keep the shape for life, which is really important.

What are the pros and cons?

All the good stuffs: Well, I have already told you all of them!

The bad stuffs: Body transformation (body sculpting) requires lots of hard work, dedication and self motivation. This program is certainly not for you if you are looking for magic solution. While you have been given lots of freedom and flexibility to choose food, you still have to perform those workouts!

How much does cost?

$47 onetime fee for all the stuffs I have listed above. However, you can try the program for 7 days for only $9.97 just like VenusFactor

Buy for $47 Onetime fee | Try it for 7 days at $9.97

If you want insider look and more information, watch the video below which I found on Youtube

Last Tip and conclusion:

Tell me honestly… is getting 6 pack your only goal in life? probably not.  Did you know that you can weigh 300 lbs and still make your woman feel like you are the best thing in the world? But finding a new love partner and keeping your love life is completely different! Majority of women wants their relationship to last forever;  however, I understand that many men finds it adventures to taste new body. Perfect body composition and your social status are the secret weapons of sexual attraction.

While writing this review, I revealed some out of the topic information based on my knowledge and life experience. Just ignore them if you feel offended. As always, I love  your comments, feedback or arguments.

Buy for $47 Onetime fee | Try it for 7 days at $9.97

9 Replies to “Adonis Golden Ratio Review – For Men

  1. You are wrong Mellissa. i’d love more sex than food any day. but I’m hot guy just 17 yr old; and you look like real crap

  2. Thank you for a straightforward review of this program. I purchased it for the purpose of losing weight and getting healthy. If I end up looking ripped, well I’ll take it. I would add that the price is pretty good, but to get the extras that are over promoted will total about $300 roughly. I was a bit disappointed because I thought the Meal Plan was part of the original package, which was a big reason I made the purchase to begin with, it’s not! Oh well, there are a few good Apps to track calories and customize food lists.

    As to Badboy, it’s obvious you are 17 by your response, and likewise, you are rather rude. you should have an eye exam, because MelliG looks rather cute, and you could only hope to find a cute and INTELLIGENT woman like her.

    Thanks again MelliG for the review.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      If I remember correctly, meal plan was part of their original package when the cost was $97. Then the price was reduced to $77. They further reduced to $47 to attract more clients (maybe to compete with BeachBody products) and selling meal plan as optional upgrade. I think the basic package is enough for 90% people. There is really no need to purchase additional stuffs or join expensive Immersion community unless you want to become a fitness model. The free community forum for which you get access to contains plenty of valuable information and has tons of active users. I sneak into to this “men only” forum atleast twice in a week to improve my own knowledge!

  3. Honestly im good on the program. Iv lost thirty pounds this year mostly by diet. I added cardio an weight lifting an my results were greatly seen an noticed when I would wear my belts.I dropped from 197 to 165-163.I do work out alot I wont lie an its awesome. The results Iv seen this year are amazing. Iv educated myself so hard core as well. And I dont believe in paying for knowledge an advice when google can answer all this.I mean anything you eat just google the nutrition an see why its good or bad. I understand some people just are mentally lazy or for whatever reasons dont educate themselves. People are so focused on losing weight an they shouldn’t be. Don’t lose weight, burn fat. Or fat weight.

    My advice to anyone trying to lose weight is do cardio two miles a day an jog. Get that heart rate up. Be active. Drink lots of water. Get your protiens an amino acids after a good workout. Some people say over train ,some say dont. Find whats good for you cuz genes do play a role but not even genes can stop hard work. Anything is better then nothing so get it in, fitness that is. And dont let that oh you need a body to get a girl bs to brainwash you. There in it for the money too. Women do like muscles an shit but a confident man is enough for most of em. If you really wanna change then train your mind for greatness. Cuz the true battle isnt in the reps or getting tired its telling that body to keep going and your mind does that. Your mind always does that. Six packs arent for everything either.

    Some of us are born with 4-6-8-? Packs an thats genes for ya. So educate yourself people cuz if you were more educated you wouldn’t be thinking of buying this stuff. Oh an Milli, your a cutie. Get your squats on girl. An Bill…..real men squat….just saying. So whoever reading this….get out there an kick some ass. Your body is ready…..are you?

    • Thanks Mychal for your valuable feedback. It’s true that people are trying to lose weight without educating themselves how our body functions & respond to lifestyle changes…sadly people want to win the game without knowing the rules!

  4. hey all,melli im not obese just carry some babyfat kind of fats so can i use adonis to get into a better shape and yes i do workout a lot as i can do 30 – 35 pushup at once and 50 crunches so do i need this program just a get a boost and proper guide to ultimate body shape??

  5. I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye kbaaackdgdfk

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