Burning Belly Fat With Healthy Foods

12 Jul

Every woman wants to look gorgeous in her swim suit during summer. This however is becoming difficult as more and more women are constantly battling belly fat. Getting you tummy flat need not be a torturous and expensive task. To keep your figure trim, healthy foods are the key. Here are a few natural and nutritious foods to help you torch belly fat.

Even in cartoon the slim girl  looks good

Even in cartoon the slim girl looks good

Water Melons: Research done by University of Kentucky indicates that watermelons play a significant role in reducing belly fat. Watermelons significantly reduce blood lipids and consequently lower chances of belly fat deposition.

Sea Food: Sea food contains monounsaturated fats which comprise healthy fats. Incorporating sea foods into your diet or even your meals will give you a good dose of healthy fats and avoid belly fat deposition.

Fruits: Fruits like apples, avocados, tart cherries and bananas are nutritious and healthy substitutes for sodas and energy drinks. These fruits are full of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Fruits are one of the few foods you can enjoy without having to fear about weight gain or belly fat.

Other foods that help in burning belly fat are lamb, kelp noodles and celery. Burning stomach fat is simply healthy eating. Try incorporating these healthy and wholesome foods in your diet and be assured a flat belly awaits you in no time.

Things that attributes that Help a Weight loss Diet

Most people assume that diets are about depriving yourself of those sweet and fatty foods you love. This is shouldn’t be the case. Weight loss diets are an expedited introductory process to healthy living. It is not uncommon to hear people say they lose then regain weight immediately after a diet. A good weight loss diet lures you to a healthy lifestyle that enables you maintain a desired weight. Here are two attributes that will help improve your weight loss diet.

Moderation: When dealing with weight loss moderation conquers all. Taking in enough calories in your diet ensures you stay healthy and happy while slowly shedding unwanted weight. Excessive dieting equals rapid weight loss which translates to weight regain after diets. In the race against fat slow and steady wins the race every time, weight loss is a marathon not a sprint.

Fasting or intermittent fasting also works incrediblly well to get rid of excess weight. Some kind of fast is mandatory after feast or binge eating says FastingFirst.com

Comfort: As mentioned earlier diets are like a recruitment process into a better and healthy lifestyle. If you are comfortable with your weight loss diet it will be much easier to carry on with it even when not on a diet. Incorporate the foods you love in your diet while still monitoring your calorie intake. This way you can just tweak your diet a little bit and it becomes part of your new lifestyle.

Weight loss diets are not just about food, they are also about you. You must be comfortable and within comfort moderation prospers.

Exercise Routine to Burn Belly Fat

A bulging waistline is something that most women want to avoid during their lifetime. However, despite being extremely cautious most of the time we find we have unwanted belly fat and not know how to rid ourselves of it. Burning belly fat is an interval routine that you include in your normal cardio exercise. [Source: Loseweight-GainMuscle.org ]

For example, if jogging is your normal exercise, you will incorporate an interval within your jog where you crank up the pace. These 30 second or one minute high intensity exercise intervals within your normal jogging routine will be aimed at burning belly fat. According to studies done by University of Virginia these short high intensity exercise intervals are better at belly fat trimming than long low intensity exercises. [research link]

Exercise time… watch the video

After a quick high intensity exercise interval tune it down and catch a breath. Once you’ve caught your breath crank it up for another 30 second interval and so on. As you continue with this interval exercise routine and get fitter, increase the time for high intensity workouts while reducing time for catching your breath.

Just like the belly fat did not appear in a day do not expect it to disappear in a day. Start slowly with short and fewer intervals then gradually increase the intensity of the routine.

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