The Miley Cyrus Diet Secrets – Gluten Free and Pilates

22 Jul

Following The Miley Cyrus Diet

While Miley Cyrus has plenty of detractors, few people can deny that she's in great shape. While she credits Pilates for her healthy figure, she also follows a strict diet.  One of the main things that Miley did to lose weight was cut gluten from her diet. After she went gluten free, she dropped a significant amount of weight.



Miley has also given herself the occasional “cheat day.” She doesn't force herself to avoid foods she loves; she just limits her intake of these foods. It's a very healthy and reasonable way to diet.

Miley tends to have healthy snacks throughout the day rather than a lot of big meals. For example, she might snack on a few pieces of fruit or some nice raw vegetables, then have a smaller meal when dinner rolls around.

Post workout, she does take smoothies. With the right mix of ingredients, a healthy smoothie( not the one full of sugar!) can provide you with a good recovery by filling the body with all the missing nutrients like proteins and electrolytes. Home-made smoothies are a great treat for post workout. [source]

If you're trying to make some changes to your lifestyle, there is a lot you can learn from Miley Cyrus. While she may do a lot of partying, she makes sure to give her body the nutrients and exercise that it needs. If you do the same thing, you'll be able to get in great shape and feel better than you ever have in the past. Blake Shelton's weight loss also getting very popular these days.

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