Weight Loss For Women – The Right Way

Weight – Is it only a number?
d22Some people say that weight is just a number. Well it is actually not – at least not when it comes to healthy living. Weight is anything but a mere number and it plays a major role in leading a healthy life. Weight gain and obesity are constant nightmares, especially for women, which will continue to haunt until the excess number is ridden off. A huge percentage of women suffer from excess weight  which causes chief and threatening health issues in a long run.

[box color=”green” icon=”information”]There are numerous reasons for women to gain weight. The main factors contributing to the addition of extra weight are the current lifestyle, food habits, work nature, lack of physical activities, etc. These aspects trigger and constantly help in adding unnecessary calories. [/box]

It is important to identify the excess weight at the earlier stage and reduce it. If the weight is left unattended for a long time, then it is tedious to bring it back to the ideal number. Proper diet and regular exercise can help to reduce the additional weight and stay fit. It is always good to consultant a professional dietitian before starting diet and exercise to know the best food and workouts that suit the different body types.

Getting a Fit Physique after Pregnancy, the Right Way

d11Though giving birth to a child is a delight which brings a lot of happiness in many ways, it also comes with certain worrying side-effects. Once the baby is delivered, the biggest question that probes most of the mothers’ mind is “When and how will I shed the additional weight I gained during pregnancy?” Well, it has to be understood that your body has undergone a lots of changes in the past nine months and it would take some time to get back to the normal “you”. Be patient while trying to lose your pregnancy weight.

[box color=”blue” icon=”eye”]Breast feeding is one of the ways to lose your excess weight gained. It also helps your child to get enough nutrition to grow healthily. It is also important that you have proper sleep. Try having enough sleep when your child is sleeping as proper sleep plays a vital role in losing weight. Lack of sleep tends to frustrate and irritate you and you may end up having unnecessary sugars and calories at odd time. Finally, balanced diet and regular mild exercise every day is mandatory to get back to the shape you were before pregnancy.[/box]

Kill the Weight Gain after Menopause

Menopause (or end of monthly periods) happens in women during early 50s. This period may vary from woman to woman – it may be early for few and a bit late for others. However, what has to be taken care of and kept under control after menopause is the gain of excess weight. Women tend to gain weight around the waist after menopause mainly because of the reduction in the level of estrogen in brain, which is responsible for controlling food intake, spending of energy and fat distribution. As the Estrogen level comes down, the metabolism becomes low and women gain more fat and less muscle.

It is not only important to reduce the extra kilos gained, but also to maintain the ideal weight. Reducing excess weight and maintaining it help in strengthening of bones, preventing breast cancer, and also avoid other risks related to excess weight and obesity. One of the best ways to reduce weight is to engage in more physical activities like walking, aerobics, etc. which will not only help in shedding calories, but also in boosting your mood. Also cut down on the calories. Replace your snacks with lots of fruits and vegetables. Instead of following crash diet, have a balanced diet with regular physical activity and enjoy healthy life even after 50.

Excess Weight Gain and Depression

d2In women, excess weight gain and depression go hand in hand! Managing weight has been a problem for girls for a long time. As females grow, the issues related to weight gain also grow faster. For many, the physical and hormonal changes which take place during the teenage period induce weight gain. There are also numerous other reasons which will cause women to gain weight throughout their lifetime. This extra weight gained poses many threats to the healthy life and it not only affects women physically, but also mentally. Many women get into depression if they gain additional weight and unable to lose it.

[box color=”orange” icon=”eye”]Getting into depression does not help in any way to lose weight. It can be one of the major perils that can lead to steady weight gain, if unattended. This may also cause other life-threatening ailments related to weight gain.[/box]

One of the studies published by American Journal of Public Health (AJPH)reveal that people who are depressed or who feel distressed and lonely easily put on weight in comparison to cheerful people. It is very important to identify and treat depression at an earlier stage as it is not possible to lose weight when depression is not treated. It is always advisable to consult experts to treat depression to lead a healthy and fit life.

Balanced Diet and Exercise-Traditional and Best Way to Lose Weight

We find numerous advertisements on products like medicines or equipment, and treatments like surgeries which claim to reduce the excess weight gained in fast and effective way. Many of these advertisements are very attractive and convincing that most of the women who suffer from obesity  tend to purchase the products or undergo treatments to reduce weight. Though these products sound promising, we should not forget the fact that not all the advertised products are safe and that these may have side-effects in a long run. It is always safe to esquire about the product or the treatment thoroughly before utilizing it.

Though it requires more effort, time, perseverance and patience, balanced diet and exercise are the best and safe way to lose the excess weight gained. There is a saying which states that food can be the best medicine to the body. This holds good even for reducing weight. Balanced diet at the right time and interval can do wonders in managing weight. Along with the diet, mild exercises like walking, jogging, etc. not only help to shed the extra calories, but also to maintain the ideal weight and healthy physique. To know the proper diet and exercise which suit your body, consult a dietician before starting the diet plan.

Do Not Expect Fast Results While Trying to Lose Weight

A never-ending challenge many women face all through their lives life is the problem of gaining excess weight. Additional pounds gained affect women in more than few known ways. They tend to become more conscious of their appearance and get depressed if they are unable to lose the extra kilos. Whilst it is very essential to lose the additional weight to have a healthy and confident life, it is also important to do that in a right way. Many women fail to do that in a proper way as they expect fast results with less effort.

Perseverance and patience are the keywords to lose the excess weight steadily and completely. It is also very important to set a realistic target. If we set our target high and start working out, we will feel depressed if we are unable to achieve the target at the specified period of time. We also tend to gorge on food again and lose confidence if we feel that we are not losing weight as planned. Also it is never advisable to go for short cut methods like tablets, surgeries, etc. to reduce weight. These may lead to various health issues in a long run. Balanced diet and regular exercise with perseverance and patience will never let one down while trying to lose the excess weight.

[box color=”red” icon=”lightbulb”]Final Note- Underweight Is As Bad As Overweight[/box]

slimmingA common belief which prevails for a long time among everyone is that the losing weight or being underweight is not as bad as gaining weight or being overweight. However, it turns out to be incorrect in majority of the cases. The fact is that weight loss or underweight and its hazardous consequences fail to get the limelight as the weight gain or overweight. Many women who are underweight find it as a herculean task even to gain a pound of weight.

[box color=”yellow” icon=”information”]Looking skinny can be one of the least problems of losing more weight. Being underweight poses other major health issues than just looking skinny[/box] .

A study reveals that people who have their Body Mass Index or BMI less than 18.5 are under risk of suffering from various health issues. In women, it is said to have miscarriages and pregnancy problems if they are underweight. They also suffer from lung problems, brittle bones, arthritis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, depression, etc. It is also found that people who are underweight have higher risk of dying in accidents than people who are normal or overweight. Hence it is mandatory that, like overweight, underweight has also to be identified and treated at the right time to lead a healthy and fit life.

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